Thursday, March 17, 2011

My plan of attack!

When asked to tell what the usual signs of spring are most people would respond by talking about the robins chirping or buds on trees, maybe the grass starting to green or the last lonely snowball melting in the front yard. Around our house today we knew that spring had arrived a few days early...and this was the tell tale sign, I looked out my front window and there it was...the mob...about 8 boys were coming up the driveway climbing over the rock wall...with Nerf guns slung over their back. Spring had arrived...the days of sleds being carried to the backyard was once again replaced with high powered Nerf guns and bullets everywhere...and I can once again listen to plans of attack out my kitchen window...aah the sounds of spring! So tomorrow when the temps continue to rise, I will have my own plan of attack....chocolate chip feed the mob...

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