Thursday, June 28, 2012

thankfulness continued

406)  another year of educating our children...what a blessing this is to me
407)  friends, crazy wonderful friends
408)  chinese food...yummmm
409)  winners...the store...enough said... :)
410)  soccer games and smiles
411)  supper cooked by long brown haired girl...:)
412)  days at camp with family
413)  for a clean pantry...
414)  a wonderful husband that loves our family so much!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thankfulness continues

401) dishes in the sink
402) mountains of laundry
403) floors to wash
404) mud to sweep in the foyer
405) bathrooms to disinfect

an odd list to be thankful for...and yet i am thankful.

for our home has been 'touched' by the flu bug...and I have had the
opportunity to care for our little ones...

teenagers full of life, bring mud from football games...
my husband has been blessed with work..and I am blessed with mud in my foyer :)

mountains of laundry to fold and put away...I am so blessed to love each one in my care

dishes that pile high in the sink...for the food that we shared brought lively conversation
and smiles of love around our table...

for these things I give thanks...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today I Give Thanks

391) the very quiet comforting sound of HOME after many, many weeks of busy
392) friends who drop by for a visit and bring ice cream :)
393) little butterflies and frogs painted on my girls faces...
394) popcorn, butter and salt...the perfect trio
395) new haircut on long brown haired girl...and a special donation to someone in need
396) new friends at cafe...and time spent with long time friends too!
397) wedding...fireworks: a special night with Mitch and Amanda
398) slowing down...what a wonderful thought
399) the graciousness of our Lord and Saviour
400) a family dinner tonight...good food, great conversation and love

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A moment of thankfulness

This afternoon I was thankful for my guys who cut and edged the lawn.....there certainly is something to be said for a fresh cut yard!

This evening I am thankful for my children sharing a basketball game with me.

Tonight I will be thankful for a hot cup of tea, a good book and a comfy chair next to the fireplace.

I am blessed!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Tuesday List

381) the smell of bar b que and homemade flour tortillas

382) dinner at friends....time spent chatting

383) NyQuil...for hubby...the coughing, sneezing, runny nose medicine...that works!

384) birthday many candles!

385) graduations for same girl....dresses to choose, shoes too!

386) books ordered for school next year!

387) laundry done...and put away!

388) the sounds of basketballs bouncing out our window...ya gotta love spring!

389) robins in the grass

390) late night walks with friends...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

thankfulness continues....

371) my hubby painting the it!!! 372) popcorn and movies for a date night last night 373) great friends who gave us a night off on friday....thank you! 374) my washing machine...fixed by hubby! 375) school supplies that were given to wonderful! 376) little lobster crafts on my fridge....made by blond haired little one 377) holding a little precious bundle for a few moments on Sunday! 378) a clean foyer....just love walking into a de-cluttered foyer! 379) new orchids and tulips from friends! 380) sunshine and spring days!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My plan of attack!

When asked to tell what the usual signs of spring are most people would respond by talking about the robins chirping or buds on trees, maybe the grass starting to green or the last lonely snowball melting in the front yard. Around our house today we knew that spring had arrived a few days early...and this was the tell tale sign, I looked out my front window and there it was...the mob...about 8 boys were coming up the driveway climbing over the rock wall...with Nerf guns slung over their back. Spring had arrived...the days of sleds being carried to the backyard was once again replaced with high powered Nerf guns and bullets everywhere...and I can once again listen to plans of attack out my kitchen window...aah the sounds of spring! So tomorrow when the temps continue to rise, I will have my own plan of attack....chocolate chip feed the mob...